INTEFLY organize production staff to carry out fire drills

2017-03-22 09:15:14
On the afternoon of March 20, 2017, Intertek Electronics Co., Ltd. held a small fire safety exercise in the playground. The purpose is to improve the awareness of fire safety of all employees, master the basic knowledge of fire safety and the use of fire extinguishers to improve staff in the sudden fire accident response capacity and self-help ability.
    The exercise from my company's actual situation, through the fire scene to start fire fighting activities. First of all, the relevant person in charge of the use of fire extinguishers to explain and demonstrate in detail, making the activities of the activities of fire extinguishers have a preliminary understanding. Then all the staff through the practice of one by one to master the use of fire extinguishers skills, through personal operation to strengthen their understanding of the work of fire safety. The fire drill took 30 minutes and was a success.
    The event at the same time to achieve the desired purpose, once again show my company a strong organizational strength, cohesion and action. Through this event, to participate in fire drill training awareness and fire fighting ability has been enhanced, all employees have a better understanding of fire safety knowledge, the ability to respond to fire has been improved. At the same time, we carry out a comprehensive internal inspection of the company's current situation, eliminate security risks, strengthen security work. Finally, we call on all staff to continue to learn to master more fire safety knowledge, encountered unexpected incidents can be calmly, and effectively implement the fire safety work to the actual production work, reduce the risk of accidents to ensure the safe and orderly development of the company.

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