INTEFLY will participate in the 2021 10th China (Yangzhou) Outdoor Lighting EXPO

Our company will participate in the 2021 10th China (Yangzhou) Outdoor Lighting EXPO, 

There will be some new model of Street lighting published.Welcome to visit our booth at B170/B171





2021 10th China Yangzhou Outdoor Lighting and LED Lighting Exhibition

Industry: Lighting Industry

Time: 2021/03/28 - 03/30 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)   

Address: Jiangsu Yangzhou Yangzhou International Exhibition Center 

ChinaJiangsuYangzhou Yangzhou International Exhibition Center, 

Wenchang West Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province


Outdoor lighting: square lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decorative lighting, building floodlighting, 

gymnasium lighting, landscape lighting, fence lighting, wall-washing lamp, optical fiber lamp, moisture-proof lamp, explosion-proof lamp, etc.

Lighting and lighting: road lighting, courtyard and landscape lights, solar energy lamps, building lamps, industrial and mining lamps, 

projector lights, electrodeless lamps, embedded lights, marine lights, special lamps, underwater lamps, emergency lamps;
Urban Lighting: Landscape Lighting, Lighting Engineering Technology Equipment, Intelligent Control and 
Distribution System, Outdoor Laser Technology Products;

LED lighting: high-power LED lighting, LED display screen, monochrome, double primary display screen, module module module, traffic signal lamp, drive and control system, etc.

LED packaging manufacturing equipment and testing instruments: dispensing machine, crystal fixing machine, 

welding wire machine, color separation/spectrometer, spectral detector, foot cutting machine, moisture-proof cabinet, purification equipment and automated production equipment, etc.
LED packaging: epitaxy and chip, packaging technology, packaging glue, diode, patch LED, high-power LED, 

digital tube, lattice module, silicon, aluminum substrate, bracket, IC, capacitor resistance, LED/OLED and other applications and technologies;
Professional lighting and supporting equipment: neon lights, stage, film, dimming control equipment 
and various light control devices;

Auxiliary components and accessories for lighting appliances: electronic components, switches, terminals, 

optical products, radiators, wires and cables, ballasts, triggers, transformers, insulation materials, lamp poles, lamp arms, lamp shades, lamp panels, lamp holders, lamp holders, etc.
Special materials for lighting electrical products: phosphor, electronic powder, quartz tube, electrical grade material, tungsten wire, etc.



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