New Production Smart City LED Street Light

Product Overview

With the popularity of 5g high data rate, the technology of Internet of things is becoming more and more mature. The Internet of things is not only a fantasy, but also the realization of "smart city". With the needs of the era of smart city, in order to make a contribution to the construction of smart city, intefly smart street lamp comes into being.


Intefly smart street lamp is an AI product developed and produced by Shenzhen Intefly Electronic Co., Ltd. This product adopts modular product structure design, integrating 4G / 5G communication module, high-definition AI camera module, super clear advertising large screen module, security alarm module, environmental monitoring module and intelligent charging pile module.

Integrated lighting module, high-definition AI monitoring module, large screen advertising module, security management module, intelligent charging module

Smart lighting: Interface Smart Street Light uses high-quality product materials combined with intelligent lighting controllers and terminal control systems to create intelligent lighting functions.With automatic and light-controlled lighting switch functions, the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted according to the needs of different time periods, reducing equipment energy consumption and saving costs.

Intelligent Security: Intefly smart street lamp is equipped with high-definition AI camera independently developed, with AI intelligent algorithm of terminal image data, which can identify a variety of security scenes, cooperate with the one button alarm function of the terminal, deter criminals, reduce the occurrence of injury accidents, and accelerate the location and certification of crime location information.

Smart advertising:  intelfeld smart street lamp with ultra clear advertising display large screen, multi terminal devices support remote control delivery anytime and anywhere

Intelligent transportation: intefly intelligent street lamp analyzes real-time traffic information and vehicle information through intelligent algorithm through self-developed high-definition AI camera, and reports the analysis results to the console.

Intelligent charging: intefly intelligent street lamp is equipped with self-developed intelligent charging pile to provide convenient and intelligent charging service for electric vehicles. The background can control the working status information of charging pile in real time.

Intelligent environmental protection: through the environmental weather monitor to collect environmental weather information, real-time monitoring of environmental climate information change, intelligent voice to remind environmental weather.

Smart communication: collect the environmental weather information through the environmental weather monitor, real-time monitor the change of environmental climate information, and intelligent voice to remind the environmental weather.


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